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General Eligibility Rules for CYO Competition


Since participation in CYO programs is voluntary and not mandated or required by any source, we reserve the right to enforce the following guidelines:

  1. Participants must be resident members of the sponsoring parish and they must live within the geographic boundaries of the parish they represent.

  2. Any student of a Roman Catholic parish/Roman Catholic private school is eligible to represent that parish/school in a CYO activity.

  3. Participants must meet the age and grade requirements of the particular program. 

  4. A Catholic player whose family chooses to make a non-resident parish the center of their religious life may only become eligible to participate on the non-resident parish’s CYO team by obtaining the following: 

    1. A letter from the Pastor of their geographic parish stating they are not members of their geographic parish.

    2. A letter from the Pastor of the non-resident parish stating they have been active members of such parish for at least one year prior. The date of registration with the parish must be included in the letter.

NOTE:  A player who physically moves residence to a state other than New York is ineligible to compete within this Archdiocese. If the move occurs during the player’s participation, the player may complete the season but is not eligible for future participation. Players must live in the county/borough of the team on which they are a member.

  1. Under NO circumstances will an individual be allowed to utilize two separate addresses for the purpose of establishing eligibility to participate in a specific program. The only exception to this rule will be the existence of a court-ordered Decree of Divorce that stipulates a joint custody arrangement between parents with specific terms of custody. It is the responsibility of the parish to provide a copy of the Decree of Divorce to the CYO. 

  2. In determining cases of eligibility the CYO reserves the right to ask for all of the following documentation to determine residence: 

    1. lease or rental contract

    2. letter from school principal verifying above address

    3. utility bill

    4. copy of canceled rent checks or, in the case of cash payment, a statement from   the landlord indicating the monthly payment and the amount he has received

  3.  In determining player eligibility there exists no cases of grandfathering eligibility based on the previous year’s participation. Each individual who chooses to participate in CYO activities must establish eligibility for a particular program every year. Participation in a parish CCD program does not establish residency in that parish. 
  1. In any situations where the participation of a team or parish brings in to question the credibility of those individuals responsible for that team or program, and the actions of that team or program are detrimental to the integrity and credibility of the CYO, then the CYO Central Administration has the right to impose sanctions including removal, reassignment to a different division or the designation as a non-playoff eligible team. These actions will be taken after consultation with the pastor or principal of the offending party and the decision of CYO is final. 

  2. In a situation where a parish/school program has been found to have ineligible players, all of the teams in that program may be ruled ineligible for County and Archdiocesan playoffs by the CYO administration. We feel it is the responsibility of our adult volunteers to maintain the standards of our organization and to bring to our attention any cases of misconduct on the part of a coach or a parent. 

  3. In cases where school is closed, the players are grandfathered eligible until they graduate 8th grade.



Exceptions to General Rules


  1. Non-Catholics who do not attend a Catholic School may participate with the Catholic parish program within the geographic boundaries in which they reside. A player who cannot secure placement on a team must contact the County Director.
  1. Every effort should be made to play on the resident parish team. However, a youngster who cannot secure a position on the roster of a resident parish team (or if the resident parish has no program at all) may participate on a team of an adjoining parish (within the county that the player resides) with authorization of the CYO County Director. An adjoining parish is one whose boundaries touch on the youngster’s resident parish. As long as the resident parish offers a spot on one of its teams, the player is bound to play with his resident parish. 

NOTE:  A parish roster is limited to

 3 player exceptions

  in any combination of 1 & 2


  1. Local County rules take precedence in all County play. 

  2. A player placed on a team as an exception for the previous season does NOT establish eligibility for future years. 

  3. The CYO County Director has final say as to parish boundaries and what constitutes an adjoining parish. If no program exists in a parish, or the player cannot secure a position in the resident parish, the parish coordinator must contact the County Director for instructions.



Professionals are barred from all CYO activities. In the area of athletics, the CYO of the Archdiocese of New York has an agreement with the Amateur Athletic Union. Pursuant to this agreement, anyone signing a professional athletic contract to participate in a professional athletic program is not eligible for CYO Competition.


Team rosters are a requirement of all CYO Programs. Rosters must be signed by a moderator, principal or designated authority. Proof of eligibility and fees established by the County Director must be submitted when the roster is due prior to the first scheduled game. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in a team’s automatic forfeiture of all games until such time a roster is filed.

Roster Additions

Additions to team rosters must comply with Archdiocesan rules. Such additions must be made on an Official Roster Addition form and filed with the County Director. The deadline for basketball is December 1, 2017.  The deadline for baseball is May 1, 2018. For all other scheduled programs, the County Director will determine the cutoff date.

Coaches, Players, Parents & Spectators

Any players, coaches or spectators who are not living up to the CYO Code of Ethics, will be subject to immediate suspension or expulsion from CYO competitions. The home team is responsible for the conduct of the game, which includes the spectators. Both teams should play the game respecting the rights of the opponent team. Spectators should likewise extend this respect to the opponent’s spectators.


The assignment of game officials and game reports must conform to local county regulations. In the event of a team forfeiting a game for non-appearance such team will be responsible for paying the entire officials’ fees for such game.


It is the responsibility of the home team to supply the basic equipment for conducting the particular activity when a home team facility is used or an outside facility is used.


Eligibility - Protests must be submitted in writing along with a $50.00 protest fee. Fee will be refunded if protest is upheld.

Game condition protest - As per section 4 article 2 of the National Federation of State High School Association Rules, there are no game condition protests.


The team who forfeits a game receives a loss and the opposing team is given a win. The team who forfeits loses eligibility for playoffs. Use of an ineligible player in a game or games means forfeiture of the game for violating rules. Forfeiture is determined by the County Director and/or the CYO Sports Advisory Committee with extreme circumstances taken into consideration.